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You can make smaller studio spaces work for you with just a little bit of planning, organization and creativity. This photography class provides a number of tips and tricks for setting up a studio, whether it be your first home photography studio or your fourth professional studio.

From storing equipment to safety considerations, Karl explains what to think about when setting up your own studio and how to make the most of available space. Sign in.

How to Build an Infinity Cove for Photography

Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Thursday, April 16, Disclaimer About Contact. Get help. Download Free Courses. In this photography class we cover the following: Maximizing space Storing your photographic equipment Tips for setting up a home studio Useful equipment and accessories for photography Safety considerations in photography studios Displaying your photographic work NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.

Lighting, the dramatic portrait and beyond with Michael Grecco. The Complete Node. Recent uploads. COM - All rights reserved.Our photography competitions offer members an opportunity to win some fantastic gear.

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Exclusive photography competitions for members Our photography competitions offer members an opportunity to win some fantastic gear. Current Photography Competition. April Upcoming Photography Competitions. July Competition Theme: Tasty. Past Competition Winners. You must be the copyright owner and author of the photographs submitted. In order for us to contact you please supply your full name when you submit your photograph to the competition. Please ensure that your entry matches the theme of the competition.


Images must be submitted to us at pixels on the longest edge. You agree that your submitted image can be discussed or critiqued on one of our live shows or within the Karl Taylor Education website by Karl Taylor Education staff. You can submit a maximum of 1 image for each competition.

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If you submit more than 1 image then your entry will be disqualified. To view the entry form login or non-members sign-up here to join Karl Taylor Education. Post Production. My Account Page. Live Photography Shows. New Courses Coming Soon. Member Benefits and Discounts.Karl occasionally holds photography workshops, below is a list of recent or upcoming events. To find out more or to be added to our workshops list, please email the studio at info karltaylor.

September — Dubai, UAE Two day workshop covering a variety of photography subjects from lighting to composition and image aesthetics. Come along to meet the team and pick up some great lighting and photography tips at our stand N7. ShootLDN is not like most other photographic events. Aimed at top end professional photographers, whilst still being suitable and interesting for all levels of image makers, ShootLDN will be a hive of interactive and hands-on activity.

The Photography Show - Birmingham NEC March 1st - 4th, I will be giving a talk and running some small workshops and demos as a guest of Hasselblad at the Photography Show, dates and times coming soon.

Photokina - Cologne, Germany, September st, I will be giving a talk as a guest of Hasselblad at their stand on Thursday 18th, as well as live demos with Broncolor on the 17th and 19th and informal talks at the Broncolor stand on the 19th. With some top name professionals offering workshops, seminars and live demonstrations, Karl Taylor will be among them aiming to wow you with some eye popping high speed techniques.

Paris - May, Karl will be running a workshop at Pin-up studios in Paris in conjunction with Broncolor and Hasselblad. This one day event in the heart of Paris will cover, liquids, product and beauty photography.

Tim Flach and Karl Taylor: A Visual Journey - March 12thth, Quite simply the most informative and professional level workshops we have ever produced.Known throughout the industry as an expert in lighting emotion, Karl will clearly and concisely guide you through the process of understanding and working with light, from simple one light scenarios to complex multi lighting solutions. Partake in our live photography showswhere you can interact with Karl, or simply sit back, watch and enjoy our entire catalogue of professional courses and live photography show replays.

karl taylor studio

Everything is available to you for our low monthly fee. This image was shot with one key light and one small spot light.

Karl Taylor Photography – Studio Backgrounds

The problems can be solved when you approach lighting the professional way and go well beyond the basics of hard and soft light.

Each stage of this shoot was filmed and documented so that you can see a new way of thinking. This, along with hundreds of other top-class tutorials, allows you to benefit from professional tuition and stay one step ahead of the competition. Often photographers use reasons such as limited equipment or lack of lighting to explain why they were unable to deliver their clients the very best work.

This convenient and easy excuse is absolute nonsense. Both images on the right were shot with just one light and in small studio space. The one on the far right was shot with a standard 35mm camera and lens.

Knowledge is power. Excuses are not acceptable. Welcome to Karl Taylor Education.

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The lipsticks shot here is another example of creative thinking. It uses only one light and an original solution to deliver a powerful and evocative product shot. It required several lights, careful pre-visualisation and an execution that included the simple process of making your own props for the image to stand apart.

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Are you ready to do more? Unfortunately, when you do, your work looks just the same as everybody else following the same recipe. With our lighting guidance you will feel liberated and confident solving any lighting scenario and conveying any emotional message. Liberate yourself from those four walls with confidence and the ability to manage fashion and location shoots with ease.

Working in different locations, scouting, managing models, stylists, hair, make-up and crew can seem very daunting to the inexperienced photographer. Watch Karl expertly take control of the shoot, the location and the team to deliver stunning results with several of our award-winning location shoots. The shot with the waterfall was on location in Iceland.

This shot on the pebble beach was just down the road from our studio.This is a complete guide to studio lighting for photography, answering all your questions about light, studio lighting and portrait photography. This extensive set of photography tutorials guides you through the fundamental knowledge of light as Karl covers all you need to know about studio lighting, types of studio lighting, flash power and duration, camera settings, equipment and more. Ten creative examples of what you can do with up to four lights using the standard and most common modifiers available.

As well as the multitude of portrait and beauty lighting covered in this course, here we demonstrate the different approach required for business portraits. In this section we explore how to invoke different emotions through the use of light. This section provides a detailed guide on how how to photograph environmental portraits. Shooting in different locations, Karl demonstrates a number of examples in various locations, providing a complete overview of how to photograph people at work.

In this section we have collected together all of our extra portrait videos. These include a selection of lighting walkthroughs to help you understand light, portrait shoots that demonstrate creative setups and informative live shows and guest interviews.

See more testimonials here. Portrait Photography From natural light to studio portraiture. Learn Studio Portraiture The definitive guide for everything you need to know about studio lighting from the ground up.

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The fundamentals of studio lighting. Karl explains essential lighting theory and demonstrates how to use this knowledge to recognise, modify and control light. He also covers useful equipment and accessories for studio photography and how these can be used to best effect.

Introduction and understanding light Types of studio lighting Understanding flash power Understanding flash duration The relationship of shutter speeds and apertures to flash Measuring light and achieving the correct exposure Lighting modifiers and their effects Reflectors and flags Lighting stands and supports Grips and clamps Studio backgrounds Creating clean white backgrounds Creating gradient backgrounds Studio space and making it work Lens choices for studio work.

Studio Portraiture. One Light Setups Ten creative examples of what you can do with just one light using basic affordable modifiers. Simulating Sunlight Simulating sun and shadow One light surround lighting Bold single soft light Beauty lighting with one light When it comes to shaping the light sources photographers use, there are a lot of modifiers available. Each lighting modifier has it's own characteristics which can make it difficult to determine the best light for your project.

Karl Taylor has produced one of the best videos I've ever seen showing exactly how the light fall off, contrast, and specularity differs between the parabolic reflectors, beauty dish, and large octabox softbox.

Most photographers are pretty well versed in the softbox and even the large octabox. If you have ever shot beauty or fashion you have probably used the beauty dish modifier.

karl taylor studio

The one light modifier that you might not be as familiar with is the parabolic reflector and we need to note that this is not quite the same thing as the PLM made by Paul C Buff. What makes these light modifiers so unique is the contrast and softness of the light changes greatly when you vary the distance of the flash head to the back of the reflector. Karl's video shows these differences better than I ever could explain with words.

Of course, no one light is necessarily better than another but it is pretty clear that the parabolic light modifier does look considerably different than either the octabox or beauty dish. As we found out for ourselves with the most expensive photobooth ever createdthe ridiculously large Broncolor Para produces gorgeous light that has both harsh and soft qualities at the same time. So after watching Karl Taylor's super helpful video, which light source do you prefer and why?

Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers. Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. Think about your favourite photograph does not apply to product photography. Why do you like it? What's the most important thing in it? Why do I like some Newton images, or Testino work? I think: IF you think you need the piece of gear, wait 1 month before you buy it. If after 1 month, your thoughts are the same, buy it.

Hi Julien, your absolutely right. The content of the picture is obviously important. No amount of great lighting is going to make a poorly composed shot look good.

We have a saying here in the UK However when the content is great and the lighting suited to the content then that's when the magic happens. Hi Chester, all modifiers with a significant size are going to catch the wind.

This is a common problem and inevitably means assistants are holding the lights and they are heavily sandbagged when we are shooting on location. Have the sun reflect into it If you're talking the beach, the best modifier is someone holding a reflector. Umbrellas are begging for trouble, especially with the wind.

You'd be better off with a beauty dish, which is heavier and less likely to catch the wind than an umbrella. The problem with Reflectors is that they are usually impossible to place high up in the air and instead only really work with bouncing sunlight from below less flattering angle and from the side opposite the sun fill light.

Your best bet is usually a decent sided softbox because they do not catch wind very well. Another option I learned from Joey Wright is using a shoot through umbrella.

The trick here with a shoot through you can use it both as a bounce or as a shoot through. What you want to do is always have the wind blowing towards the outside of the umbrella so that it wraps around the modifier like head on wind wraps around the nose of an airplane. Depending on the direction you decide to light your subject, you might be firing your strobe directly into the umbrella and using it as bounce OR firing it through the umbrella as a diffuser.

If you can afford a slightly harder light, then the beauty dish is the absolute best modifier for windy environments but it will never be as soft as an umbrella or huge softbox. There is absolutely nothing about this video I don't like.Celebrated photographer Karl Taylor takes us through the entire construction process of an infinity cove for his new studio.

It works amazingly well for professional portraits, fashion shoots, and anything else that you may come up with:. The first stage of construction involved putting up the studwork. Plywood preformed curves were then nailed on to the bottom of the studwork.

Next came the lattice work, the complicated curved framework made of plyboard that blended the two sides and the floor in one smooth curve. Flexible plyboard being screwed on to the preformed plywood curves. Plasterboard was then nailed on to the studwork. Thus, sheets of flexible plywood were used to cover these areas.

karl taylor studio

Latticework covered by flexible plyboard and the plywood preformed curves. Next, plaster coating was applied over the top part of the cove while the bottom and all of the latticework was first covered with a green protective sealant.

Finally, the cove was painted white. As one person commented. Building a photography studio is only the beginning. Learn how you can take high-quality photos with off-camera flash—the easy, inexpensive, portable way to take professional photos. Found here: The Flash Photography Course. Join overphotographers of all experience levels who receive our free photography tips and articles to stay current:. Good Video… but a couple of things need to be clarified.

The more I learn about photography, the commercial side at least, all of these problems we face have to be solved with handywood such as in the video. Your email address will not be published.

We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. We would love to publish an article by you if you are interested in writing for us. See what we are looking for and get in touch.

The completed Infinity cove. Infinity Cove. Like This Article? Don't Miss The Next One! Related Articles. David Halver says:. Thursday, March 19th, at pm. James Billett - Bristol Photographer says:. Friday, February 19th, at am.

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