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Updated for Patch With patch 11, the Mordhau game developers have introduced a nice and easy way to add mods to your server. There are a variety of mods available, but largely the mods are custom maps.

The process of installing mods to your server is fairly straightforward and the following guide takes you through every step of the process. Note : If you have downloaded custom modded maps, you will need to follow our other two guides on.

Try a Pingperfect Mordhau server today! Login Register View Cart. Toggle navigation. Repeat step 4 until you are subscribed to all the mods you want on your server. On the left-hand side, under 'Manage' select 'API access'. If you lose it, you will have to complete step 10 again and copy the newly generated token.

Go to your control panel, select 'Configuration Files', find Game. Save the configuration file by selecting 'Save' at the top. Restart your server - it will take longer than a non-modded server to start up as it needs to download the mod files.

Once the files are automatically downloaded, you have a modded Mordhau server! Was this answer helpful? Yes No. All Rights Reserved. Please enter a number between 8 and 64 for the password length.

Password Length. Generated Password. Generate new password.I had downloaded 2 mods, one that changed the appearence of the sallet and the other that changed the appearence of the armet. After the game was updated, these mods don't work anymore. I tried downloading them again, just in case, and still it doesn't work. Please fix this.

mordhau mods

The developers have temporarily disabled mods with the new patch. They announced this in the official discord. Here's the announcement:. Unfortunately, we have been forced to remove client-side mods for the foreseeable future.

While the vast majority of these are harmless, such as simple texture replacements, we discovered a vulnerability that allowed people to create cheats via client side mods. Obviously, this needs to be addressed, and in the meantime we've disabled client-side mods to prevent rampant cheating.

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Triternion values our modding community, and we hope to return client side mod capability when it's possible. Here's the announcement: Unfortunately, we have been forced to remove client-side mods for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the information. I will look forward for when they enable the mods again. Page 1 of 1. Connect with us.After this last update, I've subscribed my server to some mods on mod. I've tried to connect to the server via "open ip" command and tried to wait for some time but nothing happens. Maybe an official dev can chime in and tell me how wrong I am but this is my own troubleshooting that I got to work, i'm not a dev just a community admin, so its at your own risk! Reinstall or validate Mordhau if you break it.

It also might just be your internet and that you have to wait, but the files themselves arent very big. You can try deleting the mods using the UI in mordhau by clicking on the gear icon and going to 'Manage Mods' - uninstall mods there by clicking on the mod and selecting uninstall B. Do the advanced stuff below:. You can see the mapname by looking at the name of the PAK files.

Find which folder contains the map you're trying to connect to, delete it and it will re download immediately and work. To anyone having this issue I think I fixed it by changing the.

Frequently asked questions

Hey, im currently having massive issues when trying to join custom maps. There is just an infinite screen stating "preparing for download". I have absolutely no clue what the problem is since everything worked just fine until out of nowhere this stuff appeared.

Its really annyoing not being able to play on custom maps and i have already tried every single solution posted above. Knight 6 It also might just be your internet and that you have to wait, but the files themselves arent very big A.

Delete the cache and the cache. All the best.

Mod support

Sellsword How about Triternion adds Steam Workshop support instead of this pathetic third-party crap lmao. Page 1 of 1. Connect with us.Watch the official trailer.

Visit our merch shop! Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval melee game with a strong emphasis on skill-based combat. Read the FAQ. Join the Forums. Mordhau is finally released!

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Visit the shop page and get yourself a copy. Create your suit of armor: pick from gloves, arms, shoulders, chest pieces, legs, boots, helmets, and more. Color each piece to your liking and select a metal tint. Be anything from a viking to a crusader, or even a sharpshooting archer. Chain your attacks into combos, punish your opponents with quick counters, push them away with kicks, trick them with feints, grip your polearm closer to the head, use real halfswording techniques -- and much, much more.

Smith your sword out of individual pieces: pick from blades, crossguards and grips. Want a mace instead? No problem, pick your head and handle and choose the wood type. There are thousands of possible combinations. Our combat system is designed for fights ranging from duels all the way to large open battles of up to 64 players with castles to be stormed, and fields to be covered in blood. Official Mordhau Discord Mordhau on Facebook.

Visit the forums. Press kit. Connect with us.With its latest update, Mordhau has opened up a whole new castle for us to run around sticking swords into people. People dress as Shreks and gnomes. I once joined a server where everyone wielded lightsabers and force-jumps. Sadly, I have never hopped into a server full of people playing cricket using shields as balls and staffs as bats. Happily, someone else has, and there is video.

Children are chanting it in the street. The music industry is reeling.

mordhau mods

Before I came along, though, nobody had grabbed a lute and played the song at impoverished Mordhau players. I expected adoration, and that I might inspire songs of my own.

Legends about the brave vanguard of pop culture. Let us help you. Come and watch this tale of sad blue people chopping up sadder red people.

Mod Ideas/Necessary Mods

May it distract from modern times. Bards are a common site on battlefields, uniting friend and foe through instruments that can play proper notes and everything. With a lute equipped, you can mangle out a tune by waggling your mouse up and down — but you can also use a mod called LuteBot to automatically play actual songs.

A new version called LuteMod is in the works, which will let aspiring minstrels whack other aspiring minstrels with their lutes in order to form bands. Competition can be exciting, rich, varied.

It gets you interacting with people, pitting your abilities against thinking, improvising, engaged and pivotally human opponents. A competitive context can be both a wonderful generator of interesting decisions, and a platform for genuine connection.

I also believe competition has a dark side. It can be the kindling to incendiary ego, stoking a way of looking at the world that leads to, or is at least bound up with, insecurity and distress.

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I still play Mordhau almost every night. I mentioned there are pubs now, right? Mordhau's messy multiplayer swordfights are a lot of fun, but sometimes you just want to reach out and stab one person in particular. Fortunately, developer Triternion agrees, as a major patch this Friday added an official one-on-one duelling mode to the game.

Rather than do things by halves, the duelling system has a persistent Elo ranking system a competitive ranking system originally used for chess, and now commonly used by many esports games meaning that players can compete to become the world's greatest stab-doer. The ranking system is technically only in beta still, but once they've hammered any last kinks they plan on applying the system to three-on-three small team battles, too.

Mordhau as professional esports? It could happen.

LIGHTSABERS IN MORDHAU? (tutorial outdated)

While duels are the biggest feature of the update you can see the full patch notes herethere's a lot of other tweaks and improvements made. They've tweaked and slightly expanded the Crossroads map, fine-tuned cavalry less powerful, but can now capture points while mounted and made further tweaks to reduce griefing and make it easier to vote out problem players. Probably the second most important change is a universal improvement to kicking, though.

Kicks come out faster, have slightly longer range and cost less stamina. Most importantly, you can now kick people on ladders and laugh maniacally as they ragdoll helplessly to the ground. Who needs swords when you've got a boot?I am in favor of a singleplayer campaign. Although the devs mentioned that none would be implemented, one of the reasons being long development time, I would like to see one in some form.

Games like these have great potential for an immersive SP experience because of their focus on combat and historical setting, in my humble opinion. At this point you are a nobody, but as you survive various battles you start to stand out. Through the campaign you gain more and more respect and are being promoted and in the end you end up as a noble knight, owning your own land and such.

While this might not sound as much, this type of story can be built upon with relative ease. Also, make the game accessible through the Steam Workshop, and let the modders go wild with laying brick after brick upon this story and let the community build this adventure.

Because of Mordhau's historical accuracy, I believe that this will be maintained throughout the story -- I think that the majority of people who play this game have a keen eye towards keeping things as close to reality as possible. I find it sad that many games similar to this one take Chivalry Medieval Warfare for instance have a lack of singleplayer content and only focus on the multiplayer aspect of things. I think that an added campaign really could improve upon the immersion of this game, and the genre in general.

They picked multiplayer as their focus and IMO they should keep it that way. I never missed single player in WotR and it didn't have any form of a single player mode At least Mordhau has bots. Singleplayer would be good if it didn't take so much fucking effort and they're an indie studio. Mordhau is also suited more for pvp combat tbch. In all seriousness, a single player campaign would be nice, but really not needed. First and foremost, Mordhau is a competitive online slasher, and a campaign should only ever be added in segments or after the game is damn near perfect.

I can see groups of modders coming together to make custom campaigns though, so there's your best bet. Killagrimson said: I am in favor of a singleplayer campaign. If it does not detract from the multiplayer experience and it isn't god awful to the point where critics are like "why the fuck is it even in here" rather than just accepting it happily as a cherry on top like we do with battlefield games, I am supportive of single player. I think singleplayer would be cool, but not in a mordhau context.

Like, these mechanics would make a GREAT single player game, but I find that the lore, the whole medieval mercenaries thing is kinda shallow and boring for a singleplayer. Its too limited, too conventional to go anywhere interesting idk. Imho these mechanics would make a great horror game. Since its hard as shit to master it, combat would be freightening as fuck, and its a great alternative to the actual hide-and-seek simulator that is those Amnesia and Soma wannabe. For instance, parrying could be made MUCH more harder, and so chambering.

Then you put in some bizarre as fuck monsters or whatever that drag and feint your ass into oblivion, this way you are actually scared to fight them. Fuck I hope modding tools are robust as shit, so we can see total conversions and all that. We already even got a fully functional AI!

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It's a melee multiplayer game with focus on combat rather than the story, story is just filler tbh which is fine considering its focus is on gameplay. If you take all the Total War games and added the current players it would put Mordhau to shame. I hope that this creates some discussion and reconsidering. Baron Duchess This topic is for all modders that can mod on UE4. Please think about making a star wars mod, it would fit so much with the good parry system of mordhau and the intensity of combat will make you feel like a real Jedi :.

I'm sure you've seen this GIF already, posted by one of the devs on may 4th. Anyway mod support is planned as soon as realistically possible after release and I'm sure lightsabers aren't long behind it. Sammy said: In a game like this, there's no need to request a Star Wars mod. It will happen.

In Mordau we would finally be able to reflect blaster bolts while wildly flailing our lightsabres c:. I imagine they'd all be throwable, anyway. I doubt a Mordhau grip with a lightsaber is a good idea! Sammy said: I hope the sabers have an after effect, and you can throw them and it'd be glorious. If have a feeling one of the developers are working on some sort of official star wars mod, if not now then in the future.

They did show that gif. I don't think the developers CAN have an official star wars mod. Random people doing it is fine because it's not for-profit, but technically the devs doing it could be classified as such and would be a breach of copyright which i'm almost certain lightsabers have.

Crush already made a star wars mod but if I remember correctly he can't add it to the official game so he's going to upload it to the steam workshop, whenever that comes around. He really does? I played Jedi Academy competitively for over 8 years so I'm super hyped and super sceptical. I've been very excited for this ever since I've heard about it.

There's been a star wars mod for Chivalry Medieval Warfare for the past 3 years but there wasn't much to it, an update to the game broke the projectile reflections and went without an update for about 2 years. However there's been a recent revival and over the past 6 months there's been a ton of changes to it; trails behind the sabers, clashing, new weapons, blasters, thermal detonator, new maps.

I run a server for it called Jedi Fight Night and the mod and map devs use our discord channel if you'd like to stay up to date with current changes. A lot of our community will most likely be playing here in the future as well, we're all very excited for Mordhau and it's mods!

If you'd like to check Jedi Fight Night out just look for the server named Jedi Fight Night on Chivalry and the mod will download automatically when you join. We have a steam group page and discord channel too:. I remember Marox clearly stating that light sabers are very well protected copyright-wise, from how they look to how they sound so they wouldn't be able to launch an official mod unless they pay for the said copyright of course.

As some over here said, it will happen no matter what as with wieldable limbs and lopped of body parts as weapons. Sellsword Baroness In a game like this, there's no need to request a Star Wars mod. Count I hope the sabers have an after effect, and you can throw them and it'd be glorious. Would make for some extreme meme action.

mordhau mods

Knight You make a good point but we'll see. Baron King 1 2. It's time to bump this thread. I'm looking for potential developers willing to join a team.

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